platz architecture + design

platz architecture + design

Our Approach

We initiate our projects with an intense research process, documenting, analysing and validating the spatial program. We filter the user oriented substance in form of space flows and functional diagramms. These deliver the core ingredients around which we develop the spatial concept. Particular emphasis is given to the space in between because we see it as the binding material for achieving a coherence of multiple activities. We also believe that the key to achieve comfort and a versatile built environment is simplicity. The architectural blueprint is then presented as the final cristallization of this simplicity

Our Services


Concept and Design Development

• Site Analysis and Urban Planning

• Refurbishing of existing space

• Architectural services

• Interior design

• Furniture and product design

Construction Design and Supervision

• Interdisciplinary design coordination

• Mock-up production and prototyping

• Construction documentation

• Construction scheduling and cost analysis

Building Technologies

• Implementation of building automation and responsive environments

• Planning methods for building sustainibility

• Material and innovation research


Mapping diagramms • Functional space scenarios • 3D sketches and renderings • Study models • Material and mood boards • Interior and exterior walk-throuch animation • Design report and drawings • Schedules

Our Team