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platz architecture + design


A former camel barn in the historical residential core of Ayvalık has been converted into a loft space. The only remains of the barn were the front wall, the fire walls and the back wall facing another residential street.

The existing brick walls have been washed and renovated in order to be used as the exposed brick walls of a wholistic interior space. And a 2,5 meters deep space have been left open to be used as a light well / back yard.

The project consists of three major architectural interventions:
First; the insertion of an iron entrance door, replacing the former wooden barn door. Second; the construction of a steel mezzanine floor, which would be used as a sleeping platform hovering over the representational space. And third; insertion of a glass facade separating the interior space from the light well / back yard.

The new roof was designed as a steel beam construction with ceramic roof tiles. It helped us to preserve the historical image of the property allowing at the same time an open, column-free interior space.

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    Ayvalık, Balıkesir, Turkey