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platz architecture + design


The project is located at the point of intersection between the intercity highway and the recreational promanade along the river of Savrun. The plot which is clearly seperated from the rest of the land by a creek and the river has a unique saluting position next to the city center.
The building program is distributed in three functional blocks: Municipal services, the town council and presidency, the cultural center. All of these blocks are interconnected in the basement level. The interconnection area, circumscribed by skylights and reflection pools, is a closed primary public space which contains various public services like the library, the entrance and the reception lobby of the cultural center, a day care center and a dining hall. The roof of the interconnection area is a public recreational park. Being at the highway level it contains the public entrance to the municipal services. As the cultural center is publicly accessible from the proposed green promanade along the river, the building as a whole fulfills its role as a transitional medium between the city and the landscape, between the citizen and the town hall; it blurs the boundary between both elements.

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    Kadirli Belediyesi

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    Kadirli, Osmaniye, Turkey

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