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platz architecture + design


The special mezzanine floor contains areas for the polyclinics. The operating theaters are on the first floor and the intensive care units are arranged on the second floor. There are five floors in total for the patient wards. The main public entrance is located south and is accessible over Rua Coolela. The basement car parking levels will be accessible over a ramp and a side road connecting to Rua Coolela. The building structure is made of reinforced concrete, designed according to the local seismic classification and international building standards. For the cladding of the ground floor and the mezzanine floor natural stone will be used which will be delivered by nearby quarries and stone ateliers. For the natural ventilation of the circulation areas special ventilation vents carved out of stones will be placed on the facade. The upper floors will be clad with mosaic plaster. The use of natural cladding materials will contribute to the local identity of the hospital building. Because the wider north facade of the patient floors will be exposed to direct sunlight during the whole day, a second facade made of balconies and sun breakers will be used as a filter. On the west and east facade the glass surface ratio is reduced to a minimum and an additional layer of glass films is recommended for better heat controlling.

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    Rönesans Holding

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    Maputo, Mozambique